Make Your Own: Coffee Syrups

We have company coming for the holidays.  My mother-in-law and sisters-in-law are visiting and they are all HUGE fans of going out for coffee.   I thought to avoid having to do so by giving some homemade flavorings, a try.  They are really just flavored simple syrups.

To make a simple syrup:

Mix a cup and a half of filtered water with a cup and a half of organic sugar plus one eighth of a teaspoon of sea salt. Bring it to a boil and allowing it to boil for five to seven minutes minutes.

Then add two tablespoons of your favorite organic flavoring.  I buy mine from Frontier because it is a local company here in Iowa which has good business pracitices.  They also sell great big eight ounce bottles of almond and vanilla which I like.

Pour the syrup into a pint jar and use it like you would any coffee flavoring.

In the space of a half an hour I have made a pint of Amaretto (almond flavoring) a pint of French Vanilla and although I am not a big chocolate person myself, I made a pint of Chocolate Hazlenut (one tablespoon of chocolate flavoring, one tablespoon of hazelnut) for when they visit. I am saving money, and packaging.

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