The Hobbit Hole

 Here is the finished project.  It certainly took me long enough, didn’t it?
Of course as this was technically supposed to be a gnome house, I
had to wing it a bit to make the hobbits. 
I used those chunky based wooden forms so that Brower
could play with them and they would stand up easily.

As you can see, the hobbits have moved right in and made themselves
at home.   I think I am going to knit little sleeping mats for them.
The tree house furniture is a bit oversized for a hobbit hole but
then again they are much smaller than people or so Trapolin tells me.

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14 thoughts on “The Hobbit Hole

  1. Well the top is wool yarn and latch hooking canvas and the rest is made of interfacing covered with cotton fabric. So there is a little bit of polyester involved. Everything is done with this edge finishing technique where you ziz zag and then satin stich over it and then you just sew all the pieces together.


  2. WONDERFUL!!! This is soooo cool! I’ll have to show my boys! They would have LOVED something like this…even my younger one, who is not as hobbit-obsessed as ds#1 and I are. Great job!


  3. Oh, it is great!  My ds is making a gnome house for outdoors and spent a lot of time yesterday wet felting blankets for it.  I will  have to show him this post.  I know he would be inspired!  I sure am.  ((hugs))


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