We’re okay, wish I could say the same for everyone.

I wanted to thank everyone who checked in with me yesterday and today
We are doing okay,  I am just a bad blogger.  As some of you have heard,
we are experiencing catastrophic flooding here in Eastern Iowa. 
Many people are facing mandatory evacuations of their homes and the
rain just keeps coming down.  Some predictions say that the water will continue
to rise until Friday the 20th but no one can say for sure at this point.

I am,fairly well prepared for emergencies.  We got out the camping gear and  filled the
collapsable carriers with drinking water in case the water plant goes down.  With
all the bulk non-perishables I buy, we are fairly well set as far as food goes.
We did buy some extra propane tanks for our camp cooker just
in case we lose power.   I bought a lot of rice milk because it doesn’t need
refrigeration until after it is open.   I have the cooler ready and extra ice so
I feel better even though it is probably overkill. 

This afternoon I went in to the Crisis Center Food Bank to
volunteer as they were short on help.  All the food had
to be piled up on stacks of pallets and unfortunately there
are alot of people needing food and other emergency supplies right now.

Riley and I pulled anextra shift tomorrow morning, too.  So many people are having
to clear out their homes or offices that they aren’t able to get there.

We will be sandbagging tomorrow afternoon after we get done there.  I think
we might be sandbagging the Crisis Center before much longer.

Volunteer efforts have been exhaustive. 
It has been really gratifying to see how many people are pitching in.   

Hopefully it will hold things back as the water comes creeping in.

This is about four blocks from my house but the water would
have to go up a lot to reach us from here.


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13 thoughts on “We’re okay, wish I could say the same for everyone.

  1. We have been dealing with flooding for a few weeks now.  It has been pretty horrible – but slowly we have had improvement.  We just need a break from the rain!  There has been so much!  We have been okay though – I am glad you and your family are also alright.


  2. Glad you are ok. Better to do overkill than to be unprepared. You may be able to help someone else with our extras if you find you overprepared. Cheers for you for helping with sandbagging and the food bank!!


  3. Thanks for posting. I was wondering. I saw a photo of CR from the air and I am wondering about Primeval Wench. Looks like water in her area.


  4. I’m glad you’re ok and thank you for helping others in need!!!that is What Emerica should be about


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