I am so tired…

They decided we have sandbagged as much as we could
so they sent us all home.    I was actually feeling
pretty good about things and then we got a call from a friend
who lives fairly close to us and has sewage backing up in
their downstairs toilets so we decided to clean out the lower cupboards in the
basement bathroom and do some other things just in case the
sewage backs up on us.   My sister had that mess in her house.
It is not fun and I am going to do everything I can to stop it.
We have plastic bags and sandbags over the bathtub and sink drains.
We learned a trick about shoving tennis balls in the toilet
drain before we dropped the sandbag in.  I am hoping it is helpful.
I have had enough to clean up today.

While we were cleaning we discovered we have mold starting where the floor
meets the walls in the basement so then we started scrubbing things down
hoping to stop it. We discovered that the underside of the cushions on the
sofa were moldy and so is the frame.  It is currently laying in pieces in the front yard.

We should have been watching things more closely but we have been so
busy with helping out.  The girls didn’t know enough to keep an eye on things.
We turned on the AC to suck some of the humidity out of the house.  That should work.

I uploaded some  more pictures  on facebook and I am too exhausted
to  do anything other than mindlessly link to them right now.

Flood Photos II

Flood Photos

I am sore in places that I didn’t even know that I had and I have no idea what
wonderful surprises are in store for us tomorrow so I am going to bed. 

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8 thoughts on “I am so tired…

  1. Oh dear.  I hope you are doing well and water free.  We have had problems with mold and moisture too.  It is so hard to battle with so much water and heat.  I really, really hope the sewers did not back up into your house. Ugh! Thinking of you – lots.
    RYC – dear heavens!  Do not be sorry.  You have so much to be tending to right now.  I am so glad though, to know how you are because I have missed you.  Please take good care and I will keep peaking in on you with the hopes of hearing good news about you safety and sanity. 


  2. (((hugs))) It is always the real and ordinary people who are the saints in this world.  Hoping you don’t have any more moisture damage than this.


  3. Thanks for the reality check! Seriously I was bitching this morning because I my I started [period] AND there is the same dirty dishes in the sink from yesterday! Not much to bitch about after seeing the pictures and knowing your our helping people with real problems! Hope everything stays ok for you and that this is all over soon.
    Blessings jena


  4. I’ve been thinking of you as I read about the flooding. I hope that all your preparations and hard work will mean a minimum of damage and clean-up later. My thoughts are with you and your neighbors.


  5. I really hope you don’t have to deal with sewage in the house on top of everything else.


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