The girls bought us a waffle iron.  It has been such a long time since our old one broke that I had to look up a recipe. I think the gift may have been a hint that waffles have been missed around our house.   I was just going to go online to look for a recipe but the girls insisted it had to be “our” recipe.   I had look around to find the cookbook that Darian and her class made in first grade,  but eventually I found it.  I read the recipe and started thinking about all the different kinds of whole grains I could put in the waffles as I have more of those types of things around the kitchen than I did seven years ago. Then I started to think about how different and grown-up my daughter seems compared to the little girl who drew pictures of her favorite chocolate chip cookies on her recipe and I thought about the changes in the little girl who did the artwork on this recipe page, too.    In the end I made the same change to the recipe I always have which was to sneak a cup of whole wheat flour into the doubled recipe.    I think that the kids are right and somethings should stay the same.

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