My Shiny New Toy

Decanting my Elderberry Elixir

For years I’ve been eying tincture presses, online.  I don’t need one of those huge industrial models.   I only make tinctures for personal use and that would be silly and wasteful.   On the other hand, alcohol and oils are expensive and I’ve always felt like I am throwing money out with the herbal material.
I also wanted to make sure that my press meets certain standards such as only stainless steel touching the extracts.

Secretly, I’ve often wondered if the most potent or yummy drop of herbal goodness weren’t the ones going in the compost?  I spent a lot of time decanting today.  The new moon is this weekend and I want to start some new extracts, which means clearing room.   I struggled with the design a bit at first, but once I got going it worked really well.   It got a lot better return than I usually do from a pint of tinctured herbs, so I am convinced that the press will pay for itself in the short-term.

In other news, the herb closet is getting full and it isn’t even fall.    I am going to have to figure out so re-organizational stuff, soon.    One thing that helps is that we have the second fridge running now and I am going to keep my infused oils and vinegars in the fridge.   It certainly isn’t necessary but will probably extend their life.

I suppose at some point,  I have to decide when enough is enough and I have moved from the point of being useful to being over-the-top.  My kids would probably say I am there already.  My local friends should keep in mind that if they are looking for something,   I probably have it tucked away in my herb closet.

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2 thoughts on “My Shiny New Toy

  1. I have been thinking for awhile the very same thoughts Stephany, and Dana. Very happy for you to have bought this Stephany:) Yea! smiling about being considered a bit over the top… but I am who they always come to when first dealing with things like chigger bites, a cough, etc etc 🙂 and it is my pleasure to be able to take something out I have prepared, harvested etc and offer it to them in the hopes it will make them feel better:) Very happy for you indeed xxx I would love one someday myself:)


  2. Niiiiiiice… I’d love to have something like that. I also feel like I never can get all of the best medicine out of my plant material… Let us know how you love it!



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