What butter or whiskey does not cure cannot be cured.

If you spend a lot of time immersed in Celtic fakelore you might have heard that some wandering Irish monk learned of distillation from Western Asia and brought it back to Ireland. It’s far more likely that it was a result of trade routes that were established between Ireland and the Iberian Peninsula. There wereContinue reading “What butter or whiskey does not cure cannot be cured.”

Herbal Preparations: Oxymels

Sekanjabin seems to be a popular beverage drink in the SCA.   David Friedman refers to it as such on page 125 of “How to Milk an Almond…”   He also laments being unable to find the recipe referred to in period literature.  I would put forth that it wasn’t a beverage to be found in cookbooks,Continue reading “Herbal Preparations: Oxymels”