Almond-Oat Beverage

The oatmilk and almond-milk they sell in the stores are so incredibly full of unpronounceable ingredients that I just can’t bring myself to use them. Fortunately it is pretty easy to make at home. I like to mix this recipe up at times, even though we do dairy because I think of it as being a tasty way of getting herbs into the kids. It goes over really well with them.

In our house, we like to heat a couple of cups of this up before bed time, froth it up a bit, and then add honey and nutmeg to taste. Alternately, you could put a teaspoon of dry stevia in with the oat straw Sometimes we just steam milk and use that but the oatstraw and oats are nourishing demulcents and have some nervine properties as does the nutmeg. Sometimes I add a bit of coconut milk to the mix as well, I especially like to do that during the cold, dry months of winter.

1/2 cup slow-roasted almonds
1 cup oats (old-fashioned or steel cut will work in this recipe because let them set out to soften)
1/2 cup oat straw
10 cups of water

Make an infusion of the oatstraw and 5 cups of the water. After it has infused for a good long time, strain it into a pitcher. Add the almonds, the oats and the other five cups of water. Let this sit on the counter over-night.   In the morning blend this liquid until it is milky white in color. Strain again refrigerate. Use this as a beverage.  You can save the oats and almonds to add to muffins recipes.  You can also add some unsweetened coconut to this recipe in place of some of the oat, or replace the almonds entirely if you like.

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