Loosening Bronchial Congestion- Hiss & Ebert 1909

On December 25th 2021, I tested positive for Covid. I am assuming based on my symptoms that it was Omicron, but I really don’t know for sure. I wasn’t really worried when I first got sick. I had helped lots of people who were isolating at home with Covid. But having it gave me an entirely different perspective than walking people through it.

I am using this as an example of my process I guess you could say. I first tried all the things I would normally do when faced with a winter illness and then I put my herbal clinician hat on and tried a stronger preparation. I should point out that I am vaccinated and have been working with a physician. This worked pretty well, and I am happy to have another tool for my belt. This isn’t something I would try unless my go to measures weren’t working.

Omicron is different in that most of my congestion was, thankfully, in my bronchi. In my case though it was quite persistent. I dutifully did my herbal steams and used my chest rub, which helped but not as much as they usually do. I tried my cherry-thyme syrup which was not at all useful.

Two weeks ago, I remembered about the formula below which I first talked about in an article for Natural Herbal Living and so I pulled it out and threw it together. I can never really leave a receipt alone, so I made a simple syrup with an orange in the same manner I make lemon syrup. I thought the extra pectin and bioflavonoids would improve what I felt was a rather “lacking a nutritional element” modern formula.

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